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Socrata Book Club

By Socrata

Socrata Book Club looks at the latest and greatest volumes written about government transparency, open data, and data-driven decision making. Innovative State By Aneesh Chopra In “Innovative State,” ...

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    Range: Technology Fights Hunger

    By Alida Mooreston

    Where do children who rely on free lunches during the school year find food during summer vacation? Finding the answer to this simple question used to require a complicated process. “Police officers around San Mateo County kept reference binders, printed by libraries with the information about where to find services, in their squad cars,” says Marnie Webb of Caravan Studios. “Unfortunately, due ...

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    Beyond the Hackathon

    By Chris Metcalf

    When it comes to engaging with your local developer community, it’s easy to jump to the hackathon as the one-size-fits-all solution. Hackathons are great and they provide a valuable opportunity to network with and inspire local talent, but they’re not the only tool in your developer engagement toolbox. To break out of that rut, let’s discuss a few other options you can ...

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    Encourage Open Data with a System That Doesn’t Punish Openness

    By Jeff Leek

    Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Co-editor of the Simply Statistics blog, and co-direct of the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization and Citizens. My colleagues and I at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are in favor of reproducible research, disclosing code, and open science—so a quote from my coworker Roger Peng at the ...

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    Socrata Service Connect: Citizen Services Meet Open Data

    By Thom Robbins

    In many U.S. and Canadian communities the telephone number 311 is reserved for access to non-emergency municipal services and is designed to divert routine inquiries and urgent community concerns from 911, the number reserved for emergency services. The systems that power a 311 call center have become a treasure trove of open data possibilities. Welcome the Socrata Service Connect application! This Socrata ...

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  • The 3 Tenets for Open Data Success
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    The 3 Tenets for Open Data Success

    By Kara Goetz, Jessica Carsten, Clare Zimmerman

    Planning an open data program can often feel daunting, especially when an organization is newer to the open data movement. But, by breaking a successful program into three ...

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    GoCode Colorado: A New Way to Hackathon

    By Kendall Trewin

    Heather Alcott dreamed of introducing one of Japan’s best kept secrets, the Baum cake, to the people of Denver, Colorado. She wanted a location with high foot traffic ...

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    The Next “World Wide Web” Of Network Effects?

    By Ian Kalin

    Dispatch from the deployment of the Open Data Network On July 15th, one of the most popular housing information platforms, Zillow, announced that it was joining a dozen ...

Just for Fun

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    Delicious Data: Data Cuisine Creates Edible Visualizations

    By Socrata

    Every so often, we hear about people who are finding new, innovative ways to visualize data. In this version of Just for Fun, we sat down with Susanne Jaschko and Moritz Stefaner of Data Cuisine to talk about their brilliant, and sometimes tasty, take on making data easier to understand. How did the idea of Data Cuisine come about? SJ: In in ...

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    Your New DP-3000N Data Portal: Quickstart Guide

    By Clint Tseng

    Congratulations on your new data portal! You’ve made a difficult decision, but Data Portals International Ltd would like to assure you that you’ve made the right choice. This quickstart guide is meant to help you get on your feet with your new portal as effectively as possible, as we know it is difficult to be an early adopter of new technologies. Step ...